Customized Spanish Program

Welcome to the University of Miami's Intensive Language Institute! Our small class sizes combined with experienced expert faculty and innovative curriculum guarantee you fast access to the language of your choice.

Focus on communication in our Spanish language classes; native-speaking faculty bring their dynamic teaching techniques to jump-start, or polish, your language skills.

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Quick Facts About the Program

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  • About Our Programs

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Intensive Language Institute at the University of Miami is to provide high quality language instruction with culturally sensitive and personalized service. Our goal is to help you improve your communicative abilities in the language of your choice. Our classes focus on vital communication skills such as speaking, listening, writing, and reading. We give you the tools, like vocabulary and pronunciation strategies, and the practice necessary to take your language skills to the next level.

  • How Will I Benefit From UM's Program?

    Our Instruction: 

    Our Spanish classes have been divided into four levels for your convenience. In our classes, we focus on you, the student, and your ability to communicate in the target language. At the end of each program, you will receive a personalized, written evaluation of your progress with recommendations for further development. This report will help you assess your achievement and serve as a guiding strategy to continue the development of your language skills.

    Included with your Spanish classes:

    • University of Miami native-fluency instructors
    • Curriculum focused on communication skills
    • University of Miami Certificate of Completion

    Value-added Features of a Customized Language Program:

    • In-depth needs assessment and skills evaluation
    • Curriculum specifically designed to fit your needs and requirements
    • Training on-site or at University of Miami facilities
    • Flexible schedules in a variety of formats
    • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
    • Effective methodology
    • Continuous adaptation throughout the program
    • Personalized service

  • Levels of Spanish Instruction

    After completing LEVEL 1, students should be able to:

    • Greet people
    • Exchange polite questions and answers
    • Exchange phone numbers
    • Talk about days & dates
    • Describe colors
    • Speak about daily activities/routines
    • Talk about restaurants & related topics
    • Talk about family
    • Talk about traveling & hotels

    After completing LEVEL 2, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 1 student can do, and:

    • Talk about and make travel arrangements
    • Talk about sports and other outdoor activities
    • Give commands and make polite requests
    • Speak about activities in the past
    • Talk about shopping and the weather

    After completing LEVEL 3, students should be able to do what an LEVEL 2 student can do, and:

    • Speak using the imperfect tense
    • Speak using the past progressive tense
    • Talk about topics related to shopping and automobiles
    • Speak using the present perfect (pluperfect) tense
    • Speak using the future tense
    • Speak using conditionals

    After completing LEVEL 4, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 3 student can do, and:

    • Speak using the subjunctive
    • Make comparisons and use superlatives
    • Talk about hospitals and health care situations
    • Express doubt, disbelief and denial using the subjunctive
    • Speak using the present perfect subjunctive
    • Speak using the imperfect subjunctive

    From time to time, we offer LEVEL 5 and the focus is on conversation. Students will converse in Spanish about current events and special topics such as marketing, spanish film, literature, music, and other topics of interest.

  • Instructors

    At the Intensive Language Institute, our faculty is our greatest asset. Our instructors all have advanced degrees and years of teaching experience. These dedicated professionals are personally committed to your progress in learning the language and to making your language learning experience productive and enjoyable.


    Luis Carlos Fallon 
    Doctorate of Law, Nacional University of Bogota, Colombia 
    Master's degree, Commercial Law, Los Andes University, Bogota 

    Dr. Fallon taught at the National University in Colombia and was an associate professor at Tamkang University in China. He has written five books and has taught Spanish language, literature, and language. He currently teaches a variety of Spanish language courses at the University of Miami Intensive Language Institute and tutors private business professionals. His areas of interest include test taking skills and business and legal Spanish.

    Doris Grisanti Young

    BA, Communications/Journalism, University of Miami

    Doris Young was raised in a bilingual home in Lima, Peru, and attended bilingual schools in that city. She has taught Spanish and English as Second Languages at major corporations, such as ExxonMobil, Bank of America and J.P. Morgan, and in law and physician offices in Miami and New York City. Doris also taught at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute in New York City, at New York Medical College and at NYU. Doris currently teaches both ESL and Spanish in the University of Miami's Intensive Language Institute.

  • Testimonials

    This course was excellent. All of the instructors were positive and had incredible patience. I appreciated the "team" approach with different styles of teachers.
    Michael Thompson, pharmacist
    Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

    Great curriculum. Divided well to keep energy and foster comprehension. Teachers all had great personality.
    David G. George, CFO
    Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

    Outstanding program. An excellent approach to adult education. Enjoyable. Dynamic instructors. I recommend this course to all of my colleagues. The institute knows how to make adults comfortable learning a new language.
    Michelle Morris, physician
    Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

    It was a dynamic experience that exceeded my expectations. Unlike taking a class in school, there was no pressure to try to earn a good grade, only to learn the language for the sake of knowing it. Classroom atmosphere was structured but non-threatening. Class dynamics were entirely positive. Instruction was comprehensive for written and spoken comprehension.
    Vivian Rackauckas, attorney
    Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

  • FAQs

    1. What is University of Miami Intensive Language Institute (ILI)?

    • UM Intensive Language Institute offers non-credit language courses and programs in a variety of formats.
    • The focus in most of our courses is communication and oral fluency, including:
      • speaking
      • listening comprehension
      • vocabulary development
      • accuracy in grammar and structure
    • We offer Customized Language Programs for students who cannot go to regularly scheduled classes – these are private courses that are arranged with the client.

    2. What are the courses & pre-requisites?

    • The ILI offers Spanish classes in these formats:
    • Students are asked to take an online language proficiency test for English or Spanish.
    • The test has two parts: grammar & writing. Then, an instructor from the ILI will call students and speak with them in the target language in order to evaluate their spoken language skills/level.

    3. How can you contact us for more information?

    • Call 305-284-4727 for a private language consultation
    • Call 305-284-4000 to reach the DCIE office
    • Contact us online

  • Tuition & Fees


    Number of Students On-Campus Instruction Off-Campus Instruction
    1 $110/hour $125/hr
    2 or more Contact us for pricing Contact us for pricing

    The price of books/materials for the course is included in the course tuition.

  • Program Location

    Lau Founders Hall

    1550 Brescia Ave
    Coral Gables, FL 33146
    Phone: 305-284-4000