Levels of Spanish Instruction

The 6-week program of courses has been divided into 5 different levels for your convenience.


After completing LEVEL 1, students should be able to:

  • Greet people
  • Exchange polite questions and answers
  • Exchange phone numbers
  • Talk about days & dates
  • Describe colors
  • Speak about daily activities/routines
  • Talk about restaurants & related topics
  • Talk about family
  • Talk about traveling & hotels

After completing LEVEL 2, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 1 student can do, and:

  • Talk about and make travel arrangements
  • Talk about sports and other outdoor activities
  • Give commands and make polite requests
  • Speak about activities in the past
  • Talk about shopping and the weather

After completing LEVEL 3, students should be able to do what an LEVEL 2 student can do, and:

  • Speak using the imperfect tense
  • Speak using the past progressive tense
  • Talk about topics related to shopping and automobiles
  • Speak using the present perfect (pluperfect) tense
  • Speak using the future tense
  • Speak using conditionals

After completing LEVEL 4, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 3 student can do, and:

  • Speak using the subjunctive
  • Make comparisons and use superlatives
  • Talk about hospitals and health care situations
  • Express doubt, disbelief and denial using the subjunctive
  • Speak using the present perfect subjunctive
  • Speak using the imperfect subjunctive

From time to time, we offer LEVEL 5 and the focus is on conversation. Students will converse in Spanish about current events and special topics such as marketing, spanish film, literature, music, and other topics of interest.

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