Welcome to the University of Miami Legal Spanish Certificate Program (Online)

The Legal Spanish Certificate Program will prepare legal professionals to communicate clearly and effectively with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients. The online Program will consist of 72 hours of instruction over two 10-week sessions and will be taught entirely in Spanish, encompassing everything from cultural discussions to writing and office communications, document interpretation, and legal research.

Students who complete the Legal Spanish Certificate Program will earn a non-credit certificate of completion issued from the University of Miami and a digital badge (micro-credential) that demonstrates mastery of skill-based competencies to employers and peers. Students will graduate with a portfolio of professional work, including examples of their written communication, case review, and legal research.

The Program is offered in partnership with the University of Miami Division of Continuing & International Education and the University of Miami School of Law.

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Quick Facts About the Program

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  • What will I learn?

    Courses in this Program will cover both oral and written communication skills (including grammar, linguistic register, and storytelling) and skills specific to legal professionals such as judicial systems, document review and the extraction of information from Spanish-language legal texts. Students will gain an understanding of the cultural and regional nuances of communicating with colleagues in different  Spanish speaking countries in the legal profession. Additionally, the course will look at the details of recounting case information, conduct a comparative stylistic study of contracts from foreign countries, and cover the extraction of legal text from civil code documents. 

    The Program will be taught through an interactive activity-based approach: students will engage in online group activities to complete tasks and will be evaluated through checkpoints as the course progresses. Students will cultivate the necessary abilities to work professionally in Spanish and converse with clients and colleagues in a professional setting.

  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will be able to speak and understand Spanish with sufficient fluency and accuracy to participate effectively in formal and informal conversations concerning a variety of legal topics.
    • Students will be able to read in Spanish adequately to understand a variety of legal documents.
    • Students will be able to write in Spanish accurately, appropriately and effectively for professional purposes.
    • Students will develop familiarity and ease of use of legal terminology and concepts in Spanish.

  • Core courses in this program will cover:

    Course 1:

    • Orthography and Tenses
    • Judicial Systems
    • Narrative
    • Communication at Work


    Course 2:

    • Storytelling
    • Reported Speech
    • Contracts
    • The Legal Brief

  • How will I benefit from the program?

    Students who complete the program will have an enhanced proficiency in Spanish-language communication within a legal setting. They will be able to communicate effectively within cultural and regional norms and to interpret, understand, and relay case or client information from legal documents from a range of countries and regions. Students will leave the program with a curated portfolio of the different assignments completed during the program.

  • Is this program right for me?

    The Program is intended for individuals who are fluent in Spanish at an intermediate-to-advanced level and work in the legal field. Students will be required to take a written and oral fluency test before enrollment and should have access to, and understanding of, the daily communication and tasks that occur within a law firm or other legal setting.

  • How long is the program?

    The program consists of 72 contact hours over two ten-week sessions.

  • Program format and location

    This program consists of 72 contact hours and is taught online. The various activities are asynchronous so that the students can work at their own pace. Each module ends with a checkpoint to assess mastery of the material before continuing to the next module.  The instructor will be available by email for concerns and questions along the way, and the checkpoints are the opportunities to receive feedback for the completion of the module.

  • Tuition and fees

    Tuition for the program is $3,700 and includes access to the University of Miami’s learning management system and course materials.

  • Financial assistance options

    Financial assistance and payment plans are available for this program. To learn more, please speak with an enrollment advisor at (305) 284-2752.

  • What are the requirements to earn the certificate?

    Students must successfully pass a written and oral fluency test in Spanish before registering for the program. Assignment deadlines must be met to complete the program successfully.

  • Faculty

    Mónica Durán, Ph.D. has taught Spanish for lawyers at the University of Miami School of Law since 2014. She is a federally certified Spanish interpreter and has served as a reader for the College Board’s advanced placement programs for Spanish language and culture. Dr. Durán earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Florida International University in 2008 and her doctorate in romance languages from the University of Miami in 2015. As the instructor for the Legal Spanish Certificate Program, she has used many of her research interests to fuel course material for the program, including Spanish for professions, sociocultural theory in second language acquisition, and digital storytelling.

    For more information, please call 305-284-2752 to speak to an enrollment advisor or complete the request form.

  • Professional Badges


    The Division of Continuing and International Education’s mission is to empower people to reach their full potential through lifelong and lifewide learning. Revolutionary learning experiences are created for our students to ensure that we meet the demands of the ever-changing economy. We continuously measure our programs’ core competencies, instruction, quality, standards, and service.
    The continuing education landscape has elevated an era of innovation and disruption and as such, the Division of Continuing & International Education has launched a badging system. Graduates of our programs will be able to virtually display a badge, which showcases their new skillset to prospective employers and professional colleagues.

    How does it Work?

    Your professional development badge will be earned by successfully completing the Legal Spanish Certificate Program. * Upon completion, you will receive an email with instructions on how to collect your badge. Once collected, you can display your badge on social media sites like LinkedIn. Any potential employer will be able to click on the badge for a list of specific skills associated with the respective certificate received.

    For more information about our career and professional development badging, please call us at 305-284-2752.