Levels of Instruction

English Level 1

Level 1 is designed for those of you who may never have studied the language or have less than one year of traditional classroom training. This level will allow you to acquire a solid foundation of vocabulary for future use and study.

After completing LEVEL 1, students should be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Describe people, places and things
  • Talk about possessions
  • Talk about parts of the body
  • Express how frequently you do certain activities
  • Talk about opinions and feelings
  • Discuss measurements and quantities
  • Discuss past and present events

English Level 2

Level 2 is appropriate for those with an elementary ability to understand and speak the language, gained through either extensive travel or approximately two years of previous study. You will increase your current vocabulary in this course and greatly enhance your ability to speak and understand others.

After completing LEVEL 2, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 1 student can do, and:

  • Feel comfortable introducing yourself and others
  • Talk about what you do every day, are doing now, and did yesterday
  • Ask and answer questions in the present, past, and future
  • Talk about future plans and possibilities
  • Talk about your talents and abilities
  • Give advice and suggestions
  • Describe how to make something
  • Describe and compare people, places, and things

English Level 3

Level 3 is designed to help you express yourself in the past, present, and future. It will develop your communication skills by increasing your comprehension of English, building your vocabulary, and improving your pronunciation.

After completing LEVEL 3, students should be able to do what an LEVEL 2 student can do, and:

  • Ask and answer questions in a variety of tenses
  • Use a variety of verbs to express mental and emotional states and perceptions
  • Describe family and friends
  • Describe past and present experiences
  • Talk correctly about purchases

English Level 4

Level 4 is the level for you if you are capable of using the language in present, future, and past tenses. This course will help you achieve a functional level of proficiency by clarifying problematic areas of grammar, punctuation, and pronunciation, analyzing readings, and increasing your vocabulary.

After completing LEVEL 4, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 3 student can do, and:

  • Make polite questions and requests
  • Express necessity
  • Give advice
  • Talk about expectations
  • Make suggestions
  • Demonstrate how sure you are of what you are saying
  • Speak about ability
  • Talk about what you prefer
  • Use prepositions correctly
  • Quote and report speech
  • Write descriptions with correct punctuation
  • Express the relationship between ideas correctly

English Level 5

Level 5 is designed to give you intensive practice to ensure a full range of language skills. It will help you perfect your newly acquired skills and help you put the finishing touches on. This course will help you lay the groundwork for achieving fluency in the near future by giving you practice in a variety of ways to express the connections between your ideas.

After completing LEVEL 5, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 4 student can do, and:

  • Be able to vary methods of expressing cause and effect
  • Use different ways to express contrast
  • Express conditions and wishes correctly
  • Write sentences with agreement between subject and verb