What is UM Intensive Language Institute (ILI)?

  • UM Intensive Language Institute offers non-credit language programs in a variety of formats.
  • The focus in most of our courses is communication – oral fluency (speaking, listening comprehension, vocabulary development, accuracy in grammar & structure).
  • We also offer specialized courses that focus on specific skills: Accent Reduction & Presentation Skills (a pronunciation course) and Business Writing (for advanced level students).
  • We offer Customized Language Programs for students who cannot go to regularly scheduled classes – these are private courses that are arranged with the client.

What are the courses & pre-requisites?

  • The ILI offers
    • 7-day intensive Spanish
    • Customized Language Programs
  • Students are asked to take an online language proficiency test for English or Spanish.
  • The test has two parts: grammar & writing. Then, a specialist from the ILI will call students and speak with them in the target language in order to evaluate their spoken language skills/level.

How can you contact us for more information?