College of Arts & Sciences

Productivity in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors

POL 551 Section 01 3 credits Undergraduate
POL 651 Section 01 3 credits Graduate
Tuesday and Thursday, 6 to 10 p.m.
Jonathan West 305-284-2500
Prerequisite: POL 201, graduate standing, or permission of instructor
Tentative Syllabus

Custom Designed for the government managers and students aspiring to business, and public service careers to study the intricacies of productivity enhancement in the public and nonprofit sectors. Learn how to measure, introduce, implement, and maintain a productivity improvement program. Examine case students of successful programs and a range of techniques and their applications. Recognize warning flags that indicate a need for productivity improvement. Discover how to design programs to increase productivity and apply techniques to accurately measure the results to evaluate your program’s effectiveness.