Non Degree Undergraduate Status FAQs

How much is the tuition?

Tuition and fees are subject to change. For most updated tuition charges visit student accounts.

When and how can I apply?

Submit a completed Non-Degree application and pay the $75* application fee (credit cards are only accepted for online Non-Degree application fees).

*If you are UM employee (with Tuition remission Benefits) or a dependent, prior to applying to the Non-Degree status please make sure you fill out the UM Employee/Dependent Form. Once your employment/dependency has been verified you will be emailed information pertaining to the reduced application fee. After you have received the email you may proceed with the application process. Please allow up to 5 business days to verify eligibility.

When and how can I enroll in classes?

Once your application for non-degree status has been approved you will be eligible to enroll online through CaneLink (after your assigned enrollment appointment). You can check on your CaneLink to find out your enrollment appointment, so you know the specific date/time you are eligible to enroll.

To find our when enrollment opens for a semester to check the academic calendar.

How many classes can I enroll in as a Non-Degree Seeking Student?

After 12 attempted credits a grade point average of 2.5 or higher must be maintained to continue in Undergraduate Non-Degree seeking status (with a maximum total limit of 30 attempted credits in Non-Degree Undergraduate Status). 

If I drop a course am I eligible for a refund of tuition charges?

There are financial and academic implications that are correlated to dates you officially drop courses.  Please visit Student Account Services’ website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the tuition refund schedule and policy.  For more information, you may also reach Student Accounts at 305-284-6430.

Not attending or not paying for a course does not drop you from a course. You must complete the drop process online through CaneLink. If dropping all enrolled courses you must follow the instructions found here.

If I miss a semester do I have to reapply?

If you do not enroll in a major term (Fall or Spring), you will have to reapply (completing the non-degree undergraduate application and paying the $75 application fee).

When is payment due?

Students can pay online through their CaneLink account. Questions regarding payments and refunds should be made to the Office of Student Account Services, 158 Ashe Building, 305-284-6430. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and until 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

What are the term dates?

Check the online academic calendars for term dates as well as other important dates during the term.

Can I apply these courses towards a degree if I am admitted to a degree-seeking program?

These credits may apply if and when you are admitted to a degree-seeking program, as long as they fill the requirements towards your major. Always meet with an advisor from the specific major/program you are attempting to be admitted to verify which courses would apply.

I have an application pending at UM admissions can I apply and enroll in courses as a non-degree seeking student?

If you have an application pending at UM admissions you cannot apply/register as a non-degree seeking student.

I was rejected from admissions at the University of Miami - can I apply and enroll for classes as non-degree seeking?

If you have been rejected from UM admissions you must wait an academic year before you can enroll for classes as a Non-Degree seeking student.

Am I eligible for Non-Degree Status if I have a disciplinary action on my student record?

Students involved in any disciplinary action at another institution must email a detailed explanation and any supporting information to  The materials are then reviewed with our Dean of Students Office and a decision is made on a case by case basis.  Please note that all decisions are final. 

Am I eligible for Non-Degree Status if I have been academically dismissed from my home institution?

Students who are less than two years out of high school (eligible only as visiting students for summer) are not eligible in any Non-Degree status if their good academic standing at their home institutions are not verifiable. It is strongly recommended that students obtain their letters prior to applying. 

Students who are more than two years out of high school may still be admitted to Non-Degree Status, for a 30 maximum attempted credits. Students must maintain a University of Miami GPA of 2.5 after their first 12 attempted credits in Non-Degree Status.

I graduated from a four year English speaking University, but English is not my native language - do I still need a TOEFL?

If English is not your native language but you graduated from a four year English speaking University then you do not need a TOEFL.

I am less than two years out of high school do I qualify to enroll as Non-Degree seeking students?

If you are a full-time degree-seeking student at another University you can enroll in classes during the SUMMER SESSIONS only at the University of Miami (as a visiting Non-Degree student). You will need to have an academic advisor or dean email verifying that you are in good academic standing at your current university.

I have a GED, can I still enroll as Non-Degree seeking?

As long as you have a score of 175 or higher on all four subject tests, and comply with all other policies. 

If I am a UM employee, are the credit courses I enrolled in covered by the Employee Tuition Remission Benefit?

If you are a full-time UM Employee with Tuition Remission Benefits, please visit the below websites for information regarding the benefits (Employees and dependents must meet all admission requirements):

UM Human Resources' Education Benefit Web Page



For specific questions regarding Tuition Remission Benefits, please call Human Resources at 305-284-3004.

How do I get my Cane Card, books, and parking decal?

Students are responsible for obtaining their cane cards for more information call the Cane Care Office at 305-284-3096, books for more information call the UM Bookstore at 305-284-4101 and parking permits for more information call the Parking and Transportation Department at 305-284-3096.

Am I eligible for Financial Aid?

Non-Degree students are NOT eligible for financial aid.

Are Non-Degree Seeking Students Eligible for/Required to have Student Health Insurance?

For complete information regarding Health Insurance coverage/eligibility please see the Health Center Website. Domestic students with adequate alternative coverage may request cancellation of the insurance fee via CaneLink by deadlines stated.

Am I eligible for on-campus housing?

Non-Degree Seeking students are NOT eligible for on-campus housing. However, you may find a list of off-campus housing available on the off-campus housing database. For more information please see the off-campus housing website.

When and How Can I Order Transcripts?

Students may access their grades on CaneLink. Please see the academic calendar to find out when grades will post for the semester you are attending. Official transcripts must be requested from the Office of the Registrar. Students may order a transcript online through their CaneLink account. Please be aware that unofficial transcripts are available for viewing and printing online in CaneLink. Click on “Go to Student Center” → under “Academics” choose “Course History” from the drop-down box.