Non-Degree Undergraduate Status

Enrollment in the Division of Continuing and International Education includes students who are not seeking a degree at the University of Miami and meet the criteria below:

  • Have a high school or equivalency diploma (with required minimum score)
    • More than two years out of high school and:
      • were never admitted to a degree-seeking program at UM without completing the undergraduate degree,
      • have not been rejected from UM admissions to a degree-seeking program in the last academic year, and
      • do not have a degree-seeking application pending at UM
    • Or are less than two years out of high school and:
      • are degree seeking at another four-year university, want to attend summer session only and have a letter of good standing from their home university
  • And are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or valid visa holder and meet any other requirements outlined in the Policies Governing Enrollment in Continuing Studies Non-degree Undergraduate Status
    • I-20s visas are not issued to Non-Degree seeking students.

After 12 attempted credits a grade point average of 2.5 or higher must be maintained to continue in Undergraduate Non-Degree seeking status (with a maximum total limit of 30 attempted credits).

Please Note: Non-Degree Graduate Status, Non-Degree Undergraduate Status, Non-Degree Alumni Status, etc., each has unique requirements, regulations, and pricing.  Once a student applies and/ or registers in any specific student status, their status cannot be changed for that semester. 


Click the link above if you want to apply online as a non-degree undergraduate student and enroll in undergraduate credit courses (100-500 level courses)