Non-Degree Graduate Application Process

Step 1: Apply for Non-Degree Graduate Status

Click above to complete the Graduate application form with a:

  • A nonrefundable $75 processing fee
  • Copy of your TOEFL (if English is not your native language) with required minimum score of 550
  • PLEASE BE ADVISED: Continuing Studies does not issue any I-20s for International Students

NOTE: Application takes up a week to process and must be received (to be processed) at least 5 working days before the first day of the semester.

Step 2: Choose your class and obtain permission from the professor to enroll

Once you receive an email that your application is approved click above to complete a course request form* to enroll in a graduate credit course:

  • Select courses using the academic bulletin or Search for Classes
  • Contact the professor of the course and ask for approval to enroll
  • Approval is at the discretion of the professor or program director ( (School of Business Administration DOES NOT participate in the Non-Degree Graduate Program)
  • Students are limited to two classes in Non-Degree Graduate Status (this is a lifetime limit)
  • If approval is given, the professor must send an email with your name and the course information to: confirming their approval of enrollment to specific class (this must be received directly from the instructor)
  • It is recommended that you have the professor copy you on the email so you can confirm that is has been sent

Step 3: Submit a Class Request Form to:

Once the approval email has been received, submit the Class Request Forms to  (Class Request Forms that cannot be processed are not held).
When filling out Class Request Form make sure to include:
  • Name
  • ID – Student number
  • Semester
  • Name of class, number of class, and section number
  • Contact number and e-mail
  • Signature

*Late fees apply for any Class Request Forms that are not submitted by 4 p.m. at least one business day before the first day semester (tuition remission benefits DO NOT cover late fees). 

Step 4: Log on to CaneLink

  • Confirm your registration is correct in CaneLink (class registration cannot be confirmed over the phone)
  • Make Payment - students are responsible for tuition and fees upon Registration (billing is online through CaneLink )
  • Find out other important student information (parking, academic dates, etc.)

 Once you are registered for a semester all changes to your schedule (adds and drops*) must be done by completing a Drop/Add form. Not attending or not paying does not drop you from a class. You need to academically drop classes using a Drop/Add form or you may unknowingly receive an “F” on your academic record.

*Students wishing to drop all courses they are currently enrolled in must follow the University of Miami Withdrawal Process.

Please make full payment or arrangements to pay by the first day of class. For questions on refunds, fees and payment plans, please contact the Office of Student Account Services at or (305) 284-6430.