Non-Degree Seeking Status

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Want to take a few UM undergraduate or graduate college CREDIT classes but don’t want to go through the lengthy admissions of a degree seeking program?

Non-Degree Seeking Status, if you qualify, offers a streamlined application process to take a limited number of credits.

Enrollment for classes in a Non-Degree seeking status is on a space available basis. Non-degree students are responsible for meeting any requirements for the class (prerequisites, co-requisites, etc.). If class is reserved for specific degree programs (as noted on course offerings), Non-Degree students are NOT eligible for enrollment.

BE ADVISED: Non-Degree Graduate Status, Non-Degree Undergraduate Status, Non-Degree Alumni Status, etc., each have unique requirements, regulations, and pricing.  Once a student applies and/or  registers in any specific student status,  their status CANNOT be changed for that semester.