School of Education and Human Development

Sports Industry in South Florida

KIN 490 - B80 LEC (5019)
KIN 490 - U80 LEC (5020)
KIN 690 - G80 LEC (5021)
January Intersession
Tywan Martin, 

Get a jump start in the sport industry field

  • Understand the current and future trends of the South Florida sport industry and what skills, qualifications and experiences will be necessary to secure employment in this industry
  • Interact with the key management personnel from local sport organizations
  • Take site visits to local sport venues and corporate headquarters
  • Explore internship and employment opportunities 

American Sign Language 1 - Online

TAL 107 - 80Y DIL (10373)
TAL 107 - 80Y1 DIL (10376)
January Intersession
Kristen Schwarz Olmedo, 
Tentative syllabus

Learn about deaf culture

  • Develop sign vocabulary, facial expressions, and non-verbal aspects of American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Identify and demonstrate proficiency in classifiers
  • Identify and demonstrate grammatical structures of ASL
  • Compare pathological and cultural perspectives on deafness 
  • Discriminate and respond to the meanings of signs based on conceptual accuracy, facial expressions, verb inflections, commands, ASL idioms, descriptive adjectives, and conjunctions