Special Add, Drop, and Refund Policy

Due to the intense format of January/Spring Break Intersession courses, there are special add, drop and refund dates.

Intersession Adds

For most Intersession classes, registration can be completed before 4 pm on the last business day the University is open*, before the first day of class. Registration is contingent upon availability. Students CANNOT add an Intersession class after it has started.

Intersession Drops and Refunds

If the January/Spring Break Intersession Drop Form has been processed**...


Before first day of class

Student is entitled to 100% refund of tuition charges

On the first day of class

Student is entitled to 80% refund of tuition charges

After the first day of class

No refunds of tuition charges or academic drops are given

*NOTE: The University of Miami will be closed from December 24, 2019 through January 1, 2020 (except for limited offices open on December 27th and 28th). The University of Miami will reopen on January 2, 2020.

** Students who have a Drop Form signed by their advisor to drop an Intersession course must submit it for processing to the Office of Special Academic Programs, Allen Hall #111 or email the completed form to sap.cstudies@miami.edu.

NOT PAYING/NOT ATTENDING, does not drop you from an Intersession class. You must complete and have processed a Drop Form in order to avoid tuition charges and academic consequences.